Who is an Auto Body Repair Expert?

An auto body repair expert is someone who works in the automotive industry, specializing in restoring, repairing, and replacing vehicle bodies and frames, windshields, and window glass. They are responsible for inspecting car frames for structural damage and assessing the repairability of damaged parts, such as windshields, doors, tires, or the car body. Auto body repair experts typically work indoors in car shops or garages and the work can be physically demanding. CARSTAR is a leader in the automotive body repair industry for satisfaction ratings.

Although formal automotive body repair training is preferred, many candidates are hired without it and learn on the job. The primary responsibility of an auto body repair expert is to restore damaged vehicles to their near-new condition. This includes applying a gloss finish to add shine to an old car or repairing structural damage from a collision. To do this, they must have the training to bring the structural integrity of the car frame back to the manufacturer's specifications.

In order to become an auto body repair expert, one must generally have a combination of a high school diploma and completion of a formal automotive collision repair training program. Auto repairers' tasks include inspecting cars for structural damage, reviewing damage reports, preparing cost estimates, and planning job repairs.

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