Where auto repair shops?

Manhattan Auto Repair is an exclusive, full-service auto repair shop serving luxury, imported, classic and sports cars in New York City. There's nothing the auto repair shop can't fix in their time, and it's timely and kind to work with them, regardless of how big or small the job is. For major collision repairs, the auto body repair specialist will place the vehicle on a body template. From routine maintenance to complete cosmetic restoration, by choosing Manhattan Auto Repair you can be sure of getting the best quality of work with the highest standards.

WE SERVE THE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR, BODY RESTORATION AND COLLISION REPAIR NEEDS OF DRIVERS IN NEW YORK AND THE SURROUNDING AREA. It is a DMV license issue, offering you in-depth knowledge and a wide variety of auto repair and maintenance services. We have trained mechanics and car body repair experts who have experience in how to handle luxury cars. Privately owned since 1992, West Village Auto Repair specializes in luxury, exotic and classic cars, accident repair, collision damage of all levels and all insurance companies.

Midtown Center Corporate Fleet Services provides a variety of auto and tire repair services, including 24-hour roadside and towing assistance for light, medium and heavy duty jobs and more. Regardless of whether it's a scratch or damage from a collision, you can guarantee that Midtown Center Auto Repair can make it look like new again.

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