The 10 Most Common Auto Repairs in the US

CarMD recently conducted a study of 1 million repair shops based on OBD2 code readings. The results revealed the 10 most common auto repairs in the United States. Oxygen sensors typically need to be replaced every 50,000 miles, and a missing or loose fuel cap can trigger a “check engine” light. Additionally, not having a fuel cap can cost you up to 0.5% of your fuel economy.

Marty's Auto Body Services, established in 2000, is a New York City-based shop that provides vehicle repair services for cars and vans of all makes and models. Their mechanics refill windshield washer fluid and diagnose problems with spark plugs, air conditioning systems, gas filters, and ignition cables. They also specialize in restoring vehicles damaged by collisions or those in need of body painting services. A good automotive course teaches students about the modern methods mechanics use to ensure the safety of a vehicle and extend its life on the road.

An oil change is essential for keeping a car in optimal operating condition. Experienced mechanics know that oil changes are necessary for servicing every vehicle. Generally, a vehicle's oil needs to be changed every few thousand miles. Over time, dirt and metal filings build up in the car's oil, making it less effective at lubricating the engine.

Regular oil changes can help extend the life of the engine and increase the resale value of vehicles. Brooklyn Towing & Collision has been an English- and Spanish-speaking auto repair center serving the New York area for more than 15 years. Guy's Tire Buys has been providing tire and auto repair services to Staten Island residents for more than 35 years. The shop has been providing car repair and maintenance solutions for new and used cars for more than 20 years.

By having a mechanic change their spark plugs, drivers will save money in the long run and can also be sure that such car repairs meet industry standards. Auto repair services include steering and suspension, preventive maintenance, brake repair, driveshaft and electrical systems. Professionals in motor racing know that repairing brakes effectively is a vital task. Stats Canada reports that a failure to relinquish or stop causes nearly a quarter of all Canadian car accidents, resulting in hundreds of deaths and more than 2500 serious injuries per year. RepairPal brings trust and transparency to auto repair by helping millions of customers feel confident that they are getting the best price.

Serving customers throughout New York City looking for collision repair solutions, including paintless dent removal and auto glass replacement. Salerno Service Station is a family-owned auto repair shop serving Brooklyn since 1959.

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