Which Auto Shop Should You Buy in GTA Online?

Are you looking for the best car store to buy in GTA Online? The Auto Shop is a new business that allows you to run a legitimate car modification company and take on some slightly less tasty contracts. Unlike other businesses in the game, there is no passive method of making money, although there are plenty of opportunities to get rich with ownership. In this article, we'll explain which is the best car store to buy and why. The best Auto Shop location in GTA Online is Burton. It generally has the shortest distance to most missions, has good access at street level, and ample space to land the helicopter if you need it.

Players can also consider the distance from their auto shop to their other businesses, as well as the ease of access to the auto shop at street level. Car shops are properties that can be purchased in Grand Theft Auto Online added in the Los Santos Tuners update. Players can repair and customize their vehicles in another player's car shop, but they don't receive discounted rates. To purchase a car store, players first have to go to the LS Car Meet location on the map and purchase a car store on the Maze Bank foreclosure website. We recommend buying an Auto Shop from Burton due to its proximity to missions and easy access at street level.

However, you can also consider other locations such as Rancho or La Mesa. Ultimately, it could be as simple as which business is closest to LC Car Meet or maybe your arcade business.

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