Does Location of Auto Shop Matter in GTA Online?

If you're wondering if the location of an Auto Shop matters in GTA Online, the answer is no. All Auto Shops have the same upgrades, missions, installations, and potential revenue. So, what is the best car store to buy in GTA Online?The Auto Shop is a new business in GTA Online that allows you to run a legitimate car modification company and take on some slightly less savory contracts. Unlike other businesses in the game, there is no passive method of making money, although there are plenty of opportunities to get rich with ownership. As part of our GTA Online guide, we'll explain which is the best car store to buy.

Burton and La Mesa are great locations because of their quick access to the highway. Mission Row scores a few points for a neon strip that glows at night. Players can repair and customize their vehicles in another player's car shop, but they don't receive discounted rates. This means that Grand Theft Auto Online players don't need to consider this aspect of car stores at all when determining which one to buy, as there are no differences between them. Fans will have to decide for themselves which of these expensive properties in Grand Theft Auto Online most aligns with their preferences, and that can be done by examining car stores through Maze Bank Forections. Car shops are properties that can be purchased in Grand Theft Auto Online added in the Los Santos Tuners update.

Just don't even buy the Mechanics. They are a waste of money. They will crash your vehicle too often. There are contracts you can do there and you can do the missions alone and you can use any personal vehicle that is part of the LS Tuners DLC in those contracts. You can also make car deliveries every time a customer brings a vehicle to their auto shop.

Because you have access to all the colors without having to race with random crap that took you off the track.

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