Can Auto Body Shops Match Paint Perfectly?

Painting a car is an art, and only an experienced body shop can accurately combine new paint with the original finish. Automotive paints have specific color codes, but there are thousands of variations and shades. To match the color of the paint, color swatches are used. Most high-quality auto repair and paint shops have a collection of paint swatches to help them match car paint colors. The process requires time and experience.

It involves choosing the closest shade in the sample guide and assigning it a color code. This helps the automotive paint technician identify which paints in their inventory are good candidates for an exact match. Paint jobs are one of the most popular services offered by auto repair shops and body technicians. If you are looking for professional auto collision repair in Tucson, contact National Auto Collision.

An expert auto body paint shop like EAutoCollision uses only the highest quality paints for your car. When your technicians combine paint for your car's body work, they can start by reviewing your car's original color code. But when full painting is required, car body professionals must thoroughly prepare the part that requires new paint. After your body paint shop applies a clearcoat finish, both types of paint provide years of protection for your vehicle's surface. Combining paint is an absolute skill, and only those who specialize in car body repair can accurately compare new paint to old paint. Before performing any car body repair, this paint will be compared to the original paint job to make sure it blends perfectly.

Today, collision repair technicians have technology that allows them to match paint color so repairs are virtually undetectable. Car body paint refers to a complete refinish of your car's exterior rather than touch-up paint, detailing, or scratch repair. If you take your car to a body shop for repair, your technicians will ensure that the new paint matches the original paint job perfectly.

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