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How to Maintain a Car Battery

The battery is the most important parts of the car. The car will not start if it doesn’t work. In winter it is truer as compared to summer. The electrical power that the battery produces is used by the ignition

How to Clean Car Battery Terminals

If a car does not start, then there might be an expensive problem like a failed starter. Or on the contrary, the problem could be simple like the battery failing to properly initialize. By knowing how battery terminals are cleaned,

How to Change a Car Battery

Changing a car battery is not very difficult and many can do it by themselves. The only hard part of the task is lift out the battery from the car as it is heavy, even this is not very hard.

Electrical System Repairs

Your car both produces and consumes power. Part of the engine’s power is used to produce electrical power, which then is consumed by the computers, spark plugs, lights, radio, and other paraphernalia. The battery is the power storage room (yes,