How to Wax a Car

It can take a little more time and effort than usual for waxing a car, but making this hard effort of learning to wax a car pays off when you car is seen well protected from atmospheric pollution and usual grime and dirt. A car needs waxing only a couple of times in a year and not after every car wash.

Before learning to properly wax a car, one has to start with a car that is totally spotless and clean. If a dirty car is waxed, then it is useless and will scratch the finish. Therefore this must not be attempted. For maintaining a satiny smooth finish, try to stick to non-abrasive waxes.

Wax Car

Make sure that the freshly washed car is parked in a shady area away from direct sunshine. The car should be absolutely dry before starting the task. Polish should be applied first for achieving a deep shine and remove minor scratches or spots. Work on one section at a time. Start from the top and move to the bottom. The polish should be applied carefully with a clean cotton towel or a supplementary applicator. Polish the car with soft circular motions. Give ten minutes for the polish on a section to dry before any residue is rubbed away with a second towel.

After the whole car has been polished, start the waxing task. Approximately a tablespoon of wax should be applied on a damp sponge. Gently rub the sponge in a clockwise motion on the car until it is covered entirely with wax. When it will be done, the wax on the section that was started with will be totally dry. Use a clean towel to remove any excess residue. The excess wax can be buffed off the car with sift anti-clockwise motions. The extra was will be effectively wiped away. Be sure to change the towels regularly for preventing the spreading extra wax on the car’s finish.

The car can be buffed one more time for having an added shine. All the towels that were used for waxing the car can be washed and reused next time. Make sure that they are kept clean and soft for preventing scratches on the car when they are used next time for waxing. As mentioned earlier, a car needs to be waxed only few times in a year. One will be able to tell when the time has come for the next waxing and when the finish starts giving a dull look or when the water does not bead on the surface anymore.

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