How to Tune a Car

A car should be tuned up after every 30000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. A car receives some new parts during this tune-up that will hopefully keep it out of the shop for a while. It is best to know how a car is tuned if one wants to save some money on the upkeep of your car. Follow the moderately easy directions.

Things Needed

  • Air Filters
  • Distributor Caps
  • Phillips-head Screwdriver Sets
  • Oil Filter
  • Spark Plugs
  • Car Parts
  • Fuel Filters
  • Spark Plug Gapping Tools

Tune Car

  • Distilled water
  • Car Manuals


The fuel filter needs replacement during car tuning. The spark plugs also need to be replaced. If the spark plugs are made of platinum, then they have to be changed after the next 30000 miles. It is essential that the spark plugs have to be replaced one at a time for preventing the risk of mistiming or misfiring. It must also be ensured that each new spark plug is properly gapped before it is installed.

The spark plug wires must be changed during every tune-up of a car. The spark plug wire retainer clips or clip have to be removed. This helps the wires to stay under control or apart and prevent any contact with unwanted components such as the exhaust manifold and the drive belts. The clips have to be inspected and cleaned before moving on to the wires. The plug wires are arranged usually according to length. Similar to spark plugs, they have to be also installed one at a time. The wires might be permanently attached to the distributor cap which also needs to be replaced.

The function of the distributor cap is to separate the ignition spark created from the ignition coil and splitting in to each spark plug while rotating in the ignition distributor. On the contrary, a number of vehicles have a non-distributor ignition system that prevents the need to replace the ignition rotor and distributor cap. In those cars which have a distributor ignition system, the rotor transmits the spark from the ignition coil to the terminals on the distributor cap. The ignition system which you have must be determined before doing the tune-up; it will ensure that you have the applicable components.

The PVC or the positive crankcase ventilation valve has to be replaced especially when it is blocked. The valve-cover gasket also has to be replaced if oil is visible on top of the engine. Fan belt, clutch and the timing belt must also be inspected and replaced if they are damaged. In addition, any fluids that are low in level have to be refilled. The oil filter, air filter and oil have to be checked and replaced if necessary. The battery has to be filled with distilled water if required and the cable ends and terminals have to be cleaned.