How to Touch Up Car Paint

Specially formulated automotive repair paint is available from stores that serve those people who want their car to look great. A little scratch can spoil the beauty of the paint job. Knowing how to fix this problem is really a useful knowledge besides saving a good amount of money. Follow the directions for repairing an automotive paint.


For making sure one does not waste time others areas that don’t require any repainting on the car, just go over the whole car and note down any spots that require a touch up. It will be a good idea to make a list as it may wind up resulting in the details of the repaint work needed to be done. The task of touch up also includes purchasing the correct paint for your car. This paint is available in aerosol cans, touch-up bottles and brush-tipped applicators for greater detailing. Get a paint that is specially used for touch-ups. However it must be kept in mind that the paint bought from auto mobile stores might not give good results.

Touch Car Paint

It is important to thoroughly clean the car that has to be retouched. Most importantly, the area that has to be repainted must be completely dry and free of grime, dirt and debris. It should be additionally cleaned with a wax remover. Dry conditions are preferable for working and humid conditions are not suitable. Use sandpaper specifically designed for use on automotive paint, to lightly sand the area that is to be repainted. It must be ensured that any paint on the adjacent areas that adheres poorly should also be removed. The possible duct produced in this course should be cleaned before applying a clear coat layer as a base for the paint. The manufacturer’s directions should always be followed.

It is ideal to do a spot test on some hidden area of the car before starting to actually use the paint. The paint should be tested over the base coat and also to have an idea how shiny and polished the final result will be. Before starting the paint job, always shake the paint thoroughly. Whether the areas are medium sized or large sized, the paint should be applied in straight motion with even back and forth motions. It is recommended to overlap the first round of spray by the second by roughly half of its width.

For painting small areas, it is practical to use the paper end of a cardboard matchstick for painting application. Fine brushes or a toothpick are other available options. It is recommended to apply paint in 2 to 3 layers for building up above the area of the adjacent paint. Allow 24 hours for the paint to dry completely before sanding it very softly with a fine sandpaper. Finally, apply polish and wax for a higher shine.

Tips and Precautions

  • Do not use automotive paint when it is humid. This repair job is worth doing right.
  • Don’t buy paint from auto parts stores because they do not sell quality paint.
  • Overspray can be a problem at some occasions. Use fine steel wool to remove overspray from glass.

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