How to Restore a Vehicle’s Faded Paint

Vehicles with original factory paint are thinly coated because it is economical. However this is the cause that the paint fades after a few years of being exposed to atmospheric and other elements. Paint on vehicles left out in the weather will fade with a passage of time especially on the hood, roof and the trunk. Faded spots make a vehicle look old and worn out.

Cars that are old fade fast because they do not have coats meant for protecting their base paint. If you have a car that is faded, then you have an option to learn to restore faded car paint and make it shiny and new looking again. Follow the directions.

Things Needed

  • Car polish
  • Liquid rubbing compound
  • Polishing pad
  • Buffing pad
  • Orbital buffer
  • Rag
  • Sponge
  • Car soap

Car Faded Paint


Step 1:

First, wash the car with car wash soap and a sponge. Clean it and remove all the mud, dirt and any type of buildup. With the help of water, rinse the car and give it time to dry fully before moving ahead.

Step 2:

Now, liquid rubbing compound has to be applied to the buffing on the buffer. Begin working from the bonnet of the car and slowly move towards the back of the bonnet, then to the car’s top and finally to the trunk. After this, start from the front of the front fender and move down the side of the car finally ending at the rear bumper. This process has to be repeated for the other side of the car. Don’t press hard on the buffer and don’t push down too hard because it will burn the car paint.

Step 3:

Now, the entire excess rubbing compound has to be wiped off with a soft and clean rag. The buffing pad on the buffer should be changed to a polishing pad. The car polish should be applied directly to the polishing pad. Start polishing the surface of the car in the same manner in which the rubbing compound was applied. Use a dry and clean rag to wipe off the excess polish.

Tips & Precautions

  • The vehicle should always be buffed away from direct sunlight in the shade. Sunlight can heat the surface of the paint and can cause the buffer to burn through the paint.
  • Dish soap should not be used for washing the vehicle. This soap will eat the protective layers in the clear coat of the paint.

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