How to Replace Tail Lights

Replacing the tail lights on a car is an easy way to change the look of a vehicle. The aftermarket styles of tail light housing are very popular and can be easily added to the vehicle. Follow the directions.

Things Needed

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrenches


Step 1:

Tail Lights

Before starting the task, switch off the engine and make sure the head lamps are also off. This will make sure that no power is being supplied to the tail lamps.

Step 2:

The vehicle’s trunk has to be opened for gaining access to the backside of the door where the tail lights are located.

Step 3:

Any paneling coming in the way should be removed for gaining access to the backside of the tail lights. Many panels can be easily removed by putting pressure or removing few screws.

Step 4:

Now the tail light bulbs and wires have to be removed from the tail light housings.

Step 5:

The tail lights have to be unscrewed or unbolted from the vehicle. Only few nuts hold them to the body.

Step 6:

The old tail light can be now replaced with the new one. Pull from the car’s outside fro removing the old one. Then simple install the new one.

Step 7:

The new housing has to be secured with screws, bolts and nuts that were used for holding the old one.

Step 8:

The wires and bulbs can be now reattached to the new tail light housing.

Replace Tail Lights

Step 9:

Now the paneling can be replaced which were removed earlier for accessing the tail light, then close the trunk.

Step 10:

Finally after installing the tail lights, they can be tested to be sure they are working properly

Tips and Precautions

  • There is a possibility that the aftermarket tail lights may be illegal in your area. Check the local law enforcement to be sure.
  • By adding the aftermarket tail lights, the car gives a standing out look than usual. Make sure you are prepared for the additional attention from car fans and thieves also.