How to Replace a Car’s EGR Valve

A foremost concern for the automobile industry since a prolonged time is the emission control. Today, automobile technology has made many innovations that have helped in reducing emission and air pollution. EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve technology is one of the innovations. This article explains how the EGR valve is replaced in cars. Most of the cars nowadays have it as an eternal fixture.


The EGR or exhaust gas recirculation technology was made with the objective for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions from vehicles. For achieving this aim, a feedback mechanism was made that had the ability to indirectly decrease the emissions of nitrogen oxide. By adopting the very process that leads to its creation, this technology reduces nitrogen oxide emission. This technology works by emitting a portion of exhaust gases from car engine which is supplied back to combustion cylinder of the engine.

Car’s EGR Valve

The feedback of the exhaust gas displaces the combustive mixture of gases by volume leading to a drop in the combustion heat produced in each cycle. Without comprising a great level of the pressure produced in the cylinder, the cycle of combustion happens at a low temperature. The compounds of nitrogen oxide are formed quicker from a higher temperature mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. As the EGR valves decrease the temperature of combustion in the combustion cylinder, relatively less amount of nitrogen oxide is produced that is accountable for causing pollution.

The EGR valves are installed in the engine assembly for establishing and controlling this feedback mechanism. The exhaust gases are only let in by the EGR valve when the car’s engine is not idle or when it does not need higher combustible concentration of fuel. An optimum performance is ensured by it when the RPM requires high power and prevents a rough performance when the engine is getting idle. The latest EGR valves are operated electronically.

If the EGR valve goes wrong, then engine efficiency will drastically drop down. A major problem occurs when the EGR valve remains stuck open and disorders with engine efficiency. In this type of situation, the engine cylinders floods with the exhaust gases resulting in decrease in the availability of oxygen. This affects the engine function completely. This is the reason why defective EGR valve need to be replaced immediately.

Replacing EGR Valve

This guide will help you to replace EGR valves that cannot be repaired. This task can be easily done if you are ready to do it yourself. The tools required for this task are wrench, socket set, small drill bit, screwdriver and a special tool called carburetor cleaner. A new EGR valve and a new gasket accompanied along are also needed.

First, the car battery has to be disconnected and the position of EGR valve has to be located. Then some disconnections have to be done. The air supply hose, vacuum hose and electrical accessories have to be removed with a screwdriver.

For removing the EGR valve unit, the bolts that hold it in place have to be removed. These EGR valve mounting bolts can be removed with wrench. The valve has to be inspected and it must be made sure that it has no chances of getting repaired. In such case, proceed and use a new valve, along with a new gasket to replace it. For securing the valve in position, the bolts have to be mounted in place. Afterwards, your actions would have to be retraced for replacing all the components and electrical accessories that were initially removed. The air hose can be reconnected and other connections can be restored. The battery connection has to be restored now. With this, the replacement procedure of EGR valve is complete.