How to Replace a Car Side Mirror

It is really frustrating when a side mirror breaks. However it is not very expensive. Once can save a good amount of money by purchasing parts without considering the costs of labor altogether. Follow the simple and easy directions.

Things Needed

  • Replacement mirror
  • Small, shallow plastic bowl, cup or container
  • Nut driver or socket wrench
  • Screwdriver or torx driver
  • Pry tool
  • Owner’s manual


Car Side Mir

Step 1:

First, go to an auto dealer shop and buy a replacement mirror, make sure that the one you are buying exactly matches your vehicle’s model, year and make. It can be ordered through dealership. If you want to save more money, just buy a mirror online or try to get one from a salvage yard or a junkyard that sells auto spare parts.

Step 2:

Shut off your vehicle and roll down your window.

Step 3:

The next step is very important, the battery’s negative cable has to be disconnected because there is a possible risk of getting electrocuted if this step is not performed.

Step 4:

Use the pry tool to remove the trim pieces and taking off the interior door panel. Then remove the screws holding the panel in place by using a screwdriver. A corner trim piece might have to be removed before the door panel lifts off.

Step 5:

The wiring harness have to be unplugged if you are dealing with power-controlled mirrors. Skip this step in case you have manual roll-down windows.

Step 6:

Use a nut driver or a socket wrench to remove the mirror bolts, this will help in removing the whole mirror assembly from the car.

Step 7:

The actual mirror has to be now separated from the mirror assembly. A torx driver can be used for extracting the screws, then the plastic tabs have to be pried on the backing until the two pieces get separated.

Step 8:

Now the new mirror has to be attached to the assembly. This is done by snapping it to the backing with tabs.

Car Side Mir

Step 9:

Now the new mirror has to be placed attached to the backing and in the assembly of the mirror.

Step 10:

For reinstalling the whole mirror assembly back on the vehicle, the steps have to be reversed.

Tips and Precautions

  • Don’t do this job in a rush. Take your time so that this task is done properly.
  • Whenever the screws are removed, put them in a cup or a bowl so they don’t get misplaced.