How to Repair an Engine Block

For a car fan, the worst thing that can possibly happen is a broken or cracked engine block. Although an owner of a brand new or second-hand car only couple of years old can usually find repair parts for an engine block, the owners of vintage cars and other motor vehicles are unable to find a replacement and have to repair the engine block themselves.

If you are learner without having background on cars, then look for a mechanic in your area or an expert for repairing engine block. However should be noted that this is costly and time consuming task.

Engine Block

A note down about Welding

Most of the people believe that engine block repair is best done by welding. This is not necessarily true. The fact is that welding an engine block can cause it to fail in a very less time period and even do more damage then it was earlier. The suitable time when welding is a choice is when the engine block contains holes and not cracks. For much better results, many experts prefer to metal lock or metal stitch the cracked engine blocks.

Metal Stitching

Metal stitching is at times also known as metal locking. They are usually the same process but they are known by different names depending on the area where you reside. The process of metal stitching requires fixing a crack in an engine block without any welding involved. As stated above, welding is not used to repair most of the engine block repairs because of its difficulty and the time it takes for welding cast iron. Extremely high temperature is required by cast iron to weld properly. In addition, a time intensive and specific technique is used for welding engine blocks of cast iron

The technique of metal stitching is simpler and effective. The fact is that it only takes a few minutes to literally metal stitch a cracked head. For metal stitching using stitching pins, many stitching pins used in the process are made of zinc and copper plating, dowels, tapered plugs, threaded rods, etc. It is observed that anything that can be hammered into position can work. In case a cracked engine block is desired to be metal stitched, the best option is to buy a metal stitching kit. All the materials needed for doing a quality metal stitch and repairing an engine block is included in these kits.

To repair a cracked engine block with a stitch, a stitch has to be placed within the crack using a hammer, drill bit or torque wrench. Some kits have shoulders that allow a stitch to be driven deeply in the crack so that the threads are not exposed on the surface. This will give a good looking finish.

In addition, to insert a stitch, the metal stitching kit can possibly require the user to some kind of epoxy or sealant. All the metal stitching kits don’t necessarily require this additional feature.