How to Repair a Windshield Chip

You will not only save money by fixing a chipped windshield but it could save your life. A windshield chip can spread like a web causing a complete barrier of your view through the glass without any warning. Obviously, you will not want this to happen when you are on the road. In many cases, it is not legal to drive a vehicle if the driver’s view is hindered because of chipped windshield. Luckily, it is moderately easy and cheap to mix minor chips which are one inch or less in diameter. This task requires less than half an hour and repair kits are easily available from any auto mobile stores. Follow the directions.

Things Needed

  • Box cutter tool
  • Syringe-type windshield repair kit
  • Rag
  • Glass cleaner

Windshield Chip


Step 1:

Use a glass cleaner for wiping the area around the chip and allow it to dry. A rag has to be placed under the chipped area, this will prevent any surplus repair substance from reaching the body paint or smearing the glass.

Step 2:

The hole in the adhesive disc has to be pushed out and the paper backing has to be peeled off. The disc has to be centered over the area proposed to be repaired, press it on the windshield using a tab present on the disc facing upwards.

Step 3:

The backing on the side of the disc facing towards you should be peeled off and a plastic supporting rod has to be attached, according the to directions specified by the repair kit.

Step 4:

The syringe cover should be removed now and the syringe has to be pressed with the repair compound into the support rod. Keep twisting till the syringe is in its position.

Step 5:

Now pull back the syringe plunger and then press and push the repair chemical in the chipped part. The plunging process has to be repeated until the syringe is emptied. Give at least half an hour in direct sunlight for the repair to sit.

Step 6:

The syringe and support rod has to be pulled from the adhesive disc. Use a box cutter tool or a razor blade to remove the disc and scraping any surplus repair materials.

Tips and Precautions

  • Safety precautions must be taken because windshield repair kits have harmful chemicals that can cause acid burns. Avoid any contact with skin, eyes and the vehicle’s body.