How to Repair a Car’s Cold Air Inlet System

The cold air intake systems function by reducing the air temperature flowing to the engine to increase the performance of the vehicle. When aftermarket products are used for altering the power of the engine, then it is possible that the engine will not accept the changes. There are some factors that can add to the cold air intake system not engage and not engaging perfectly with your engine. The problem can be repaired by doing some simple check or repair on the system.

Follow the simple directions for repairs.


Air Inlet System

Step 1:

First, inspect the type of cold air intake system that is installed. The type of short ram air intake systems may not rest away enough from the engine for collecting cold air. This will not result in producing a lot of performance boost for the engine and can even decrease the efficiency. In case this is the problem, then a heat shield would have to be bought or it replacement would be needed with a full cold air intake system.

Step 2:

You have to determine if there are any problems when the vehicle is idle. Sputtering is sometimes caused by a vacuum leak in the air intake tube. The bonnet has to be opened while the vehicle is idle for hearing any sounds of the escaping air.

Step 3:

It must be made sure that every hole in the intake tube is plugged. There is also a possibility that the air intake tube contains more holes than the engine has vacuum hoses. Grommets have to be used that came with the cold air intake kit used for filling unplugged holes.

Step 4:

The intake tube should be checked. For accessing the tube, remove the cold air intake system. Make sure there are no obstructions that are restricting the air flow.

Step 5:

Inspect the air filter at the end of the cold air intake tube. There must be no cracks or tears present in the filter. For checking any obstacles blocking the air from being collected in the intake tube, the air filter would have to be removed. The performance of the engine may be improved by buying a higher-end air filter.

Step 6:

The surrounding environment where you live must be considered. If the air filter rests close to the ground, then it is possible that the water might have entered the engine or the intake system. A mechanic would have to be consulted if you suspect that water has entered the engine. An air bypass valve can be purchased; it will decrease the chances of water penetrating into the engine.

Air Inlet System

Tips and Precautions

  • The cold air intake system’s warranty should be checked. It will be less hassle to replace it rather than repairing it.
  • Make sure that the battery is always disconnected before you start to repair the air intake system.
  • If the engine is hot, never attempt to repair your cold air intake system. Be sure that the engine is cold enough for touch before starting.