How to Remove a Door Panel

The method to remove a door panel is actually the same for every models of car. A door panel would have to be removed when replacing window cranks, fixing locks or power windows, installing speakers or replacing side mirrors is required. You can save a good amount of money of you know to remove the panels yourself. Follow the simple directions.

Things Needed

  • Ratchet and socket
  • Small flashlight
  • Set of screwdrivers
  • L pick


Door Panel

Step 1:

First, inspect how the door panel is connected to the car. Most of the panels use bolts and screws but others have a snap-in fitting. Collect all the tools needed for removing the door panel. If the panel is connected to the car with bolts and screws, then a screwdriver or a ratchet or socket is needed. Car door panel with snap-in fitting can be easily removed using a flathead screwdriver.

Step 2:

Before starting, locate the screws and bolts. These are generally found in the arm rest area near the door lights or along the bottom.

Step 3:

Roll down the door window and start removing the bolts and screws that are holding the door panel to the car. If the car is equipped with snap-in fittings, then gently pry on the bottom corner of the door panel till the fitting pops out.

Step 4:

If the car has power windows, then the power window control panel would have to be removed. The control panel will easily pry out, then the wiring harness has to be unplugged from the back and placed aside.

Step 5:

When locating a manual window crank, use an L pick and flashlight. There is a pick behind the window crank, slide it under the edge of the metal clip that holds the crank in place. The clip has to be removed and the crank pulled off.

Step 6:

Unscrew the small screw located in the center to remove the door handle. Pull out the door handle gently until the back of the handle is seen, unclip the rod from the door handle. This will remove the handle unless the door lock and handle are attached. Then the rod has to be unclipped from the lock and they both can be removed together.

Door Panel

Step 7:

The cap has to be unscrewed off the rear upper corner door panel locks. There is no rod attaching them to the handle, unscrew them separately from the door.

Step 8:

When everything has been removed, pop the door panel off. Pry gently at the door panel’s bottom edge until it releases. The door panel can now be completely removed by pulling it out and up


The car door panel should be replaced by reversing these steps.