How to Remove a Bumper

Automobile manufacturers efficiently design and build vehicles. While some vehicles can cost more according to the craftsmanship included by the manufacturer, every model has specific instructions for removal and replacement of major parts which includes body parts.  The front bumper which is to be removed from the car only needs a few screws and body clips to be removed. The bumper can be removed by working from one side to the other and within a few minutes you are ready for installation. Follow the directions.

Things Needed

  • Screwdriver Ratchet Sockets Pliers Assistant


Remove Bumper

Step 1:

First, the vehicle should be parked in a properly lit working area. Open and raise the bonnet and inspect the plastic protective coverings on top of the radiator. For accessing the front bumper, top protective plastic shield covering the bumper’s clips and screws at the vehicle’s front have to be removed. Put aside the plastic shield and screws for reinstalling when the bumper is removed.

Step 2:

Start working from the middle of the bumper to move to the two end fasteners. Look for the body clips and screws that secure the bumper in place. Use a socket or a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws all over the bumper from top center to bottom center. There are approximately 4 clips and 12 screws that hold the bumper in place. Cars and trucks of other models may have four bolts fastening the bumper to the vehicle’s frame. By removing the bolts and screws, the bumper will be easily removed when finished. When the bumper is fastened well under the wheel but the screw is covered, then the overlapping wheel well cover has to be removed and then remove the screw.

Step 3:

Now release the bumper body panels from the rest of the front fender’s body panels and around the head lights. Most of the body parts fit together or overlap for positioning the pieces together. The bumper’s panel edges have to be pulled gently from under and behind the other body parts. The only thing that is holding the bumper now is the factory body clips.

Step 4:

Take help from an assistant who will hold one side of the bumper while you work on the other. Gravity or clipping from the side hold the clips together in place. The clips that are held together with gravity call be pulled for separating. For removing the clips that have tabs pushed in from the side, pull the bumper away from the clip. For opening the side-type clips, all the gravity-locked clips must be separated first. All the turn signal wiring that may be included in the bumper package have to be unclipped. Wiring has to be reinstalled on replacement bumper for maintaining all of the safety equipment required for vehicle registration.

Remove Bumper

Step 5:

When all the screws and clips have been released, pull the bumper away from the car. In case, one section of the bumper does not come apart, then it means that the two body panels are still locked or one of the screws that secure the bumper to the car might be missed. Unclasp a body clip or remove the last pesky screw to recheck and correct the problem.

Tips and Precautions

As the task is to separate the bumper from the other body panels, take a cloth and insert it in between panels for preventing scratches from the loosened bumper.

The front bumper clips that attach to the stock bumper or replacement body kit should not be removed or loosened. These clips are for aftermarket body panels and it they are lost, they would have to be replaced for installing a new front body kit or bumper.