How to Powerslide With a Car

Performing a powerslide on a car is not as extreme as drifting. It is the technique during which the car slides across around a turn after losing its traction with the road. A powerslide is also known as drifting light as the driver simply slides the car out form the exit of a turn by allowing the tires to lose their grip. It is not very difficult to perform, just find an empty parking area or a private road and you can practice to do the powerslide.

Follow the simple directions:


Step 1:

First, enter a curve or a turn while driving at a normal speed, thus allowing the car to reach the apex of this turn at a considerable safe and conventional speed.

Car Powerslide

Step 2:

Press the car’s throttle as it passes the apex and the curve starts straightening out. Simultaneously, turn the steering wheel in the direction of the curve until you feel that the wheels are losing traction on the road.

Step 3:

Continue stepping on the gas as the car starts sliding crossways out of the curve, make sure to keep the front of the car directed at the straight part of the road ahead.

Step 4:

Remove your foot from the throttle when the front of the car is pointing at the right direction. Wait till the car gains the traction again on the road before the throttle is reapplied. It should be noted that the failure to remove your foot from the gas pedal at the exact right moment will cause the car spin out of your control.

Step 5:

Once the car is faces the right direction and the tires regains traction on the road, reapply the gas. From that point, continue to the straightaway.

Step 6:

Continue practicing with the powerslide incase you are facing problems with the car over-steering or spinning inwards. An empty parking space can be used and an alternate between steering the car in a turn with the gas pedal being pressed and removing the foot from the accelerator while the car regains traction. Every car is not the same so one need to learn the specific point at which the car will lose traction.

Tips and Precautions

  • You can consider wetting the surface of the road if you wish practice the technique; it will make the car easy to slide.
  • Practice and master the powerslide technique before learning the drifting which is a lot more dangerous.