How to Polish Wheels

Dirt, rock, sand, brake dust and even chemical pollutants present in the air can give a tough time to the car wheels making the shine dull. Cleaning is good but sometimes more than cleaning is required.

A wheel finish which is dull, whether clean or not, will definitely make the nice cars look worn out. However, it’s only a matter of an hour or two with a good type of metal polish and you can make the wheels give a sparkling look again. Just follow the simple directions.

Things Needed

  • Wheel cleaner
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Wheel wax
  • Cotton lint-free cloth towel
  • Sponges
  • Wheel polish (suitable for the wheel’s finish)

Polish Wheels


Step 1:

Spray the wheel cleaner on the wheels. Then it has to be washed with a damp sponge, rinsed and dried. Getting all the dirt, brake dust and grit off the wheels is important before starting the polishing task.

Step 2:

A dab of polish which should be about the size of a quarter is to be applied to a microfiber polishing cloth. Then wipe it all around the spokes and rim of the first wheel being polished.

Step 3:

The polish has to be now rubbed on the wheel using short strokes. If needed, add more polish to the cloth.

Step 4:

A clean microfiber cloth should be used for removing the excess polish and to for buffing the metal to get a top quality shine. For ensuring a high shiny finish, a light touch with short and slightly circular motions should be used. Once all the wheels have been polished in this way, proceed to the next step.

Step 5:

Put a very little quantity of wheel wax on a clean microfiber cloth. Then spread it in a very thin and evenly way all over the wheel. All the excess wax has to be buffed. This wax has to be applied on all the wheels and they will maintain a polished look for a longer time.

Tips and Precautions

  • The car should be parked in a shade before starting the cleaning and polishing task. This will keep the wheels out of the sunlight until finally the polishing task is finished. The wheels must be clean when they are finally polished. A power drill can be also used by polishing pads to use with these; it will give a speeding effect to the polishing. If the wheels have a lot of corrosion, they would have to be sanded before cleaning or polishing.
  • Ensure that you are using a polish product suitable for the type of wheels. In case your cars have aluminum wheels, only buy that product which states its suitability for aluminum. If the wheels are chrome, then get a polish which is suitable for chrome.

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