How to Pimp Your Ride

Car lovers like to pimp their ride but if it is done without putting a hole in your wallet and especially under $ 500, then it will be a great. So don’t worry and follow these simple directions to pimp out your ride and keep your wallet heavy.


Step 1:

We will begin with the speakers. Some good and decent speakers can be bought at an economical cost of $100. First, the door panels would have to be removed.

Step 2:

Remove the screws to remove the old speaker. The wires have to be hooked to the new speaker and reinstall it.

Pimp Ride

Step 3:

Now a remote control system has to be hooked for the locks. The instruction manual can be followed to find out the method for installing the system.

Step 4:

If covering up the holes in the door is possible, then do it. It will improve the quality of sound to a great extent.

Step 5:

Now the radio has to be tackled. Remove the old radio and install the new one. A mounting plate may be needed for the new radio.

Step 6:

A sub woofer would have to be installed. Run and install the wires of the sub woofer. Once done, turn on the radio and test it.

Step 7:

Now the door panel can be reinstalled. By this time, you will have the speakers, CD player, woofer and keyless entry. But the exhaust is left. A discount retailer shop will sell a decent and good looking exhaust at around a cost of $ 25. A help of a professional can be taken.

Step 8:

A window tint can be purchased at a cost of around $20. You can get it for your window if you desire.

Step 9:

In case you can still afford you spend more from your budget, Buy some decent and good wheels to pimp your ride. This is all. You will notice that your ride has been officially pimped for under $500.

Additional Information

Other options that can be considered to pimp your ride is to paint it in black, lower suspension, fit alloys, fit blue neon lights, fit a spoiler and fit a body kit.


  • Ask an expert to give his advice; he can check if the car is safe.
  • Ask a girl to give her opinion.


  • Drive very carefully
  • Check the road laws before driving