How to Maintain Your Car

Most of the car owners spend hundreds of dollars for having their cars serviced professionally. When you spend a lot of money for servicing your car over time, you could have bought a pretty decent second-hand car. When a car really needs professional maintenance from time to time, a good amount of money can be saved if some basic maintenance tasks are performed on the car at home.

Maintenance Schedules

Some people only fix their vehicles when something goes wrong. Like all machines, cars also need maintenance to keep them in efficient condition. It takes some time to maintain a car. A routine car maintenance would have to be fitted in to your weekly schedule which would depend on how much the car is driven, what it is used for and fast it is driven. Following is a good rule that can be followed:

Maintain Car

  • Weekly maintenance for high-performance vehicles, sports cars, SUVs and -duty vehicles like pickups and trucks.
  • Monthly maintenance for passenger cars, daily driving vehicles and classic cars.

Interior and Exterior Detailing

A lot of time and effort is required for cleaning or auto detailing. However, time can be saved by giving a good hose-down to your car after a daylong driving. Attention should be still given to how the car looks. If proper tools and equipment are present at home then detailing jobs can be easily done.

Car Washing:

The easiest and simplest maintenance tasks that can be done for the car are the car washes. Once can either wash the car once a week on own or pay a few dollars to an automated car wash.

Waxing and Buffing:

Buffing and waxing should only be done twice a month. These tasks are meant for keeping the car’s exterior look clean and glossy. Electric buffing pads, buffing tools and best waxes and buffing cloths will make task much easier.

Exterior detailing:

Tasks like claying, car polishes and repainting are part of exterior detailing. This task gets the car rid of pollutants and contaminants stuck in the coat of the car and restore the car’s original finish.

Interior detailing:

This includes tasks like refreshing the nap of car carpeting, fixing the upholstery and restoring leather and vinyl surfaces.

Engine and Drivetrain Maintenance

For daily driving vehicles and passenger cars, there is no need to fiddle with the engine and the drivetrain. For high-performance vehicles and customized cars, it is very necessary to maintain these sophisticated machines. Only the professional auto mechanics should perform these repair and maintenance tasks of the engine.

Engine Tuning:

The parts and build of the engine for increasing the performance and improvement of the vehicle is modified by engine tuning.

Transmission repair:

This is often performed on vehicles whose gears shifts are misaligned or if their transmission system were damaged during driving.

Cleaning and degreasing:

This is a task which can be done in the garage of your home. Keeping the engine’s exterior clean will help to reduce stress and damage because of extreme heat.

Parts replacement:

This must be done when a particular part of the engine is not working or the engine got worn out or heavily damaged.

Maintaining Safety Features

Even simple maintenance can be a cause of saving your life and several dollars in repair and restoration jobs. The top priority for routine maintenance tasks are to be given to the maintenance of the car’s safety features and equipment

Fuel and oil checks:

This is as simple as checking the fuel and oil dipsticks. While the gauge is reliable for determine oil and fuel levels, the dipstick still need to be checked for ensuring the oil quality that flows through the engine.

Maintain Car

Tire inflating and vulcanizing:

This must be regularly done, not just when you feel that you will have a flat tire soon. It must be made sure that the tires have recommended air pressure and tread depth.

Lights and signals:

It is very important to check the lights and signals. It is not just a requirement for night time driving but also for everyday driving. Driving a car with broken warning signals or head lamps is very dangerous.


Car maintenance seems to be like a task but is also useful especially to protect your investment. To keep you safe on the road, auto maintenance is very important. By following this simple and easy guide, maintaining you car will be easy as driving it.

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