How to Learn Driving

Before you get started

Having a drivers license means that a person whether a student or otherwise has went through a process which test you if you are eligible to drive or not. It depends on the state you are residing in, including eye testing, drug tests, checking disabilities and written test. When taking your car to the road, it must be remembered that driving without a license is illegal.

Driving is almost certainly the most practical skills that a person can learn in life, even if you read a lot about it, you won’t learn until you really drive yourself. For experiencing it in a practical way, enlist yourself in a driver training school or help can be acquired from family or friends.

Learn Driving

The real driving

Once you get a license, it’s time to start with driving. If you are enlisted in a driving school then it’s most likely that your training will be done on a manual transmission. It is usually known as a stick-shift which most people really don’t know how to drive. It’s a helpful skill if the need ever arise. Before you step in the car with the driving instructor, just relax and prepare yourself for a fun educational experience.

In a manual or stick-shaft car, there are three pedals. One is for clutch, one is for brake and the other is for gas. The clutch pedal is used for changing gears.

For starting the car, your feet would have to be placed on the clutch and brakes as you turn the key. If this is done right, the humming of the motor will be heard and you are ready for driving.

The first gear has to be moved by pushing in the clutch. When the gears have been shifted, the clutch pedal can be slowly lifted while easing in on the accelerator and waiting for the car to move ahead. It will definitely take some time for to get used to the driving controls but once you adjust, you will be running smoothly.

Once on the move, when you feel that the engine is tiring out, the clutch can be pushed and the gear can be changed into the second one. Ease off the clutch again and don’t let go until you are smoothly running. In case you let it go prematurely, the engine might get stalled and car will have to be started again.

Driving needs practice and a week is enough to give a polishing touch to your skills. Its not only steering while running the engine. Driving asks for the road rules to be followed and showing good manners to other drivers on the road. Many driving schools offer driving lessons and training for four days so it is achievable.

If you want a hassle-free driving from the clutch, then learn driving in the automatic transmission vehicle. Automatic vehicles only have two pedals, accelerator and brake. Only one foot is required for pressing the pedals. The gear shift should be in Par marked with the letter ‘P’. Start the engine by pressing the brake pedal. The gear shift can be now be out in to drive marked with letter ‘D’ or reverse marked with ‘R’, whichever is desired. Slowly take off the brake and press the accelerator for gaining speed. For slowing, press the brake steadily. To stop completely, remove the foot from the accelerator and brake completely. Now the car can be put back in Park.

Many new cars are equipped with automatic transmission. Whatever you do, drive safely on the road.