How to Install Rear Brakes on a Dodge Truck

If you have ever wondered how people change the rear brakes of their Dodge truck, then this article will tell you how. Once the truck has been properly tested and it has found that the rear brakes really need replacement, then a required suggestion is to pick up a phone and call the nearest garage.

The First Option

Make an appointment with the mechanic, take your truck over there and tell the mechanic that you want to replace the rear brakes. Engage yourself in some reading activity while you wait. This is the easy way to deal with the problem. All that has to be done is write a check or pay through your credit card when the job has been done.

Rear Brakes

The Second Option

In case you decide to go DIY style and you want replace the rear brakes at home, you would have to buy the brakes. There are five things which have to be considered: mechanical, sensor, electrical, fluids and drums. It is obviously cheaper to buy and install the brakes at home by yourself rather than taking your Dodge truck to the service center or garage.

If you have ever installed rear brakes on any other vehicle, then you will know the basics of doing this task. However it is a little more complicated to change brakes on a Dodge truck. Several aspects have to be covered including calipers, brake cylinder and wheel cylinder. The last aspect to be kept in mind is grease. A lot of lubrication will be applied so make sure to have it in ample.

Get to Work

First, find an appropriate place to work on your Dodge truck. Your garage will probably be the best place to change the brakes, this will keep away your worries about the weather. It would not be suitable to do the task when the rain is pouring down. The cold weather is an advantage for using a heated garage. In case you don’t have a garage, then look for a location with a leveled surface, this is for avoiding rolling. The truck would have to be raised on blocks for getting it off the ground and stabilizing it. Then both the rear tires have to be removed. While doing all this work, be sure that you are wearing old clothes because this work will get you all greasy.

Some grease would have to be used to loosen the brakes for removing them from the wheelbase. The longer it has been since the last change of brakes, the more hard it will be removing them. When the rotors have been removed, they would have to be then turned. This would require special equipment. The rotors have to be smooth and clean without any uneven surface because it will add to the noise that is disliked at the traffic light. With any luck, you could not continue driving the truck after the brakes started making squealing noises. There is also a possibility that the rotors might have got ruined. In this situation, there will be more expense as the rotors will need replacement.

Luckily, the purchased brakes come with basic instruction manual. Putting the new brakes in proper direction is important. The brake fluid and all the brake hoses must also be checked. Every model has a different PSI, some have as high as 3000 PSI. So check the model and number of the vehicle. There will definitely be a problem if the brakes are put on backward. If you counter any complications, call the store from where you purchased them.

Wrap up

The basic installation is not very hard. Just remove the old brakes and apply some grease and replace with new ones. Then put back the tires and the job is done. In case you indulge in problems with the rotors and calipers then a professional has to be called for help.

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