How to Install a Backup Camera in a Car

Safety is the top most part for owning a vehicle. A lot of accidents happen when cars back out from driveways. There may by children running around which can go unseen. A backup camera can turn out to be a life saver, it is easy to install.

Materials Needed

  • Back-up camera kit
  • Sheet metal tape
  • Hole edge protectors

Tools Needed

  • Wire pull
  • Wire snips and cleaners
  • Electrical tape
  • Drill with larger drill bits

Backup Camera


Back-up cameras are of two main types. First is the wireless device which attaches the hardware at chosen parts is a device and the second one is a device that runs through the headliners of the vehicle. Both are effective although the wireless device has a delay of few seconds.

Hardware Installation

Start the installation of wires by drilling a hole in the cargo compartment for the camera to be installed. The angle and location should be of a manner that it will get the widest view of the area. A rubber gasket ring has to be installed into the hole so that there will be no camera damage or wire chaffing during driving.

The motor base has to be installed. Many of them whether wired or wireless adjust nicely on the bracket of the rear view mirror, they are additionally supported to the front windscreen by two-sided tape. For attaching the controller unit to the cars sheet metal body frame behind some plastic part within the vehicle, metal sheeting tape will work well. Be sure that a grounding wire is connected to the car’s bare metal.


Guide the wiring through the car’s liners to the rear cargo area housing the camera by using the wire pull. A little bit of extra wire should be allowed once the cargo area has been reached. The controller unit has to be wired in to the camera and the 12-volt back-up lamp of the vehicle. This activates the unit when the car’s gear is put in reverse.

Override and live wire

For preventing a live wire from going to the back-up lights, a diode override switch would have to be installed. This installation has to be done at the rear of the radio system. It takes a lot of time to remove the dashboard and radio and then wiring this into the system. A hole has to be drilled into the dashboard for the switch and a rubber gasket has to be used for the protection of unit. The diode and switch has to be wired into the power wiring system for the controller and radio unit.


Before starting to place the radio and dashboard unit back in place, check if the unit is working. The wiring would have to be checked. Make sure that every connection has been wrapped with electric tape. Apart from that, it must be made certain that all the connections are tight. If a wiring connection is poorly done then it easily loosen in the shoving of a moving vehicle.

Tips and Cautions

  • The camera can be activated with a switch instead of the reverse light. The rear view camera should not be viewed when the vehicle is moving ahead.
  • Use a factory grommet when running the video signal wire from the vehicle’s outside of to the inside. Clean the camera to keep it free from dust particles. Use a glass cleaner non abrasive cloth for cleaning purposes.