How to Get a Forklift License

One has to get a license before driving a forklift, if not, then your employer and you both can have trouble with the health administration in case of an accident. Obtaining a forklift license for operating in a work environment requires learning rules for operating a forklift. There are different licenses for different types of forklifts. The stand-up forklift and the sit-down lift truck are covered in the license besides you being tested on gas as well as electric sit-down forklift.


Step 1:

Getting a forklift license requires passing a written exam. It asks questions about usual challenges that can be encountered while driving. This test must be passed before taking the physical part of testing.

Forklift License

Step 2:

Testing of stand-up and sit-down forklift starts with inspection. The horn, forks, battery cables and the entire condition of the electric lift has to be checked. With the gas lift, the gas canister on the lift would have to be safely removed and replaced. The forks and horn would have to be checked.

Step 3:

Then, testing is done for operating the forklift. Testing would be required for backing up. The horn has to be beeped and you need to look behind to make sure that the way behind is clear, then again beep the horn and back up. The forklift has to be slowed down at intersections, proceed with caution while beeping the horn.

Step 4:

The next process is moving the loads up and down ramps. The load must be kept tilted slightly upward when going down the lift and load tilted slightly downward when going up the ramp.

Step 5:

The next step of testing is moving loads on a truck. The first thing to be done is checking the tires of the truck and make sure they have wheel chalks at their front. Then, move a load onto the truck and take the load off from the truck.

Step 6:

The last step in testing is removing the loads from the racks. The process of how each lift is operated must be known when removing a pallet and loading pallets to the racks. This can be learned in the classroom. After passing the physical test, a license or a certificate will be awarded to you for operating a forklift.

Tips and Cautions

  • The horn on the forklifts must always be used. This can become the reason that will cause a failure in the test.
  • Some companies have a facility of on-site testing. In case you have a license from a community class, it will be valid for any place.