How to fix a Car Dent yourself

Nobody likes dents but a dent comes so easy on the car and is so expensive to repair. One wishes if it could be repaired in a DIY style. It can be, fixing minor dents is really not very difficult. However, it requires patience and interest but it leaves the dents out of your wallet.

Here is how a dent is fixed, follow the directions:

Tools Needed

  • Couple of hammers
  • One ball pein hammer, the other claw
  • A block of wood
  • HSS drill bits
  • Electric drill
  • Self-tapping screw
  • Self-locking grips

Car Dent

  • Wire brush or abrasive sanding disc
  • Cellulose body stopper
  • Sanding paper
  • A hair-dryer
  • Body filler kit
  • Clean rags


Step 1:

First, the dent has to be beaten out. Try to press on outwards with hands. The dent will often spring out. It this does not happen, hold a wood block on the outside of the dent and try gently beating out the dent from inside by using a ball-pein hammer. Do it until it is just a level below the rest of panel.

Step 2:

If it is not easy to access the inside of the dent, mark its center, then use an HSS bit to drill a little hole. Now use a long self-tapping screw and screw it in until nearly half of an inch remains out. Use pair of self-locking grips or a claw hammer to grip the end of the screw.

Step 3:

Use an electric drill fitted with sanding disc or wire brush and sand down the area. All the paint has to be removed from the dent affected part.

Step 4:

Use a plastic spatula and apply filler to the dented area.

Step 5:

When the filler has hardened after some time, use a rasp to shape the surface. Move to coarse sand paper wrapped on a sanding block. When the shape will get near to its finishing  use a paper of finer grade.

Step 6:

Any defects in the finish should be checked with fingers. These can be filled using cellulose stopper.

Step 7:

Use a fine paper to give it a last rub.

Step 8:

When the conditions are ready for using the spray paint on the worked area, cover up the windows, surrounding body and light clusters with brown paper sheets and masking tape.

fix Car Dent

Step 9:

From a distance of about 9 inches, apply aerosol primer and spray a thin coat and move forth and back. Two or more coats of primer should be applied. When completely dried, use fine paper and lightly rub over.

Step 10:

Now, a peak coat has to be applied sprayed in horizontal direction and moving from top to bottom. Two or more coats have to be applied. Give some time dry and then use a fine paper to rub down. After an hour, apply the final re-spray. Finally it’s done.

Repairing the car dent requires a lot of attention and patience but it surely will keep away from putting dent on your money.