How to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance

Car insurance is compulsory for registering and taking the car to the road. The insurance rates depend on the car types. Besides this, insurance companies offer mixed criteria for calculations of premiums. One has to be careful because you donr want to end up paying twice or even thrice. The factors that govern the insurance costs are the type of coverage, driving history, condition of the car, and the driver’s age. With little planning, one will be able to get low insurance rates.

Here are some steps which can be helpful to find the cheapest car insurance:

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Step 1:

Get the Yellow Pages and call some insurance agents listed in it. Another better option is to browse the internet and look for the top and best insurance companies. The good ones will probably have websites detailing their different insurance policies. All the questions including personal as well as car related asked by the insurance companies should be honestly answered to the best of your knowledge. You will receive a quote in a matter of few minutes. This process should be repeated for many companies and the quotes provided can be compared.

Step 2:

Collect every type of information about the premiums that are charged by different insurance companies for similar services especially that covers the risks. This will be helpful to you in finding the cheapest and the expensive car insurance premiums.

Step 3:

Install additional safety features like airbags, automatic seat belts and anti-theft device in the car. This will reduce your monthly installments.

Step 4:

Choose a yearly policy instead of the one that covers six months. This will help you to save money and will get you the lowest rate. It will also give you a rate that cannot be changed for one year vs. changing after every six months.

Step 5:

Make sure that you specify the least time or distance it take to get to your job. The more short time it will take to reach your workplace, the lowest will be the cost of your car insurance.

Step 6:

Discounts are also offered by Insurance companies for being affiliated with their member directory. These range from college sororities, credit unions or just having a certain credit card. The company representative or the agent can be asked for additional information.

Step 7:

Make sure that you have a clean and good credit history. This will be helpful for you to get more discounts.

Tips and Warnings

  • In case you own more than one cars, you will save much. Some people have separate cars for winter and summer seasons and both are rarely used at the same time. By specifying each storage period and buying comprehensive storage coverage, the insurance rate will be significantly lowered. Make sure that you insurance company knows that you have a singly that you don’t drive often.
  • Collision and comprehensive are probably the first to look for lowering by increasing the deductibles on the car insurance.
  • Sometimes you pay an expensive price for a cheap car insurance. Several ‘catch’ clauses are present on the claim like ‘minimum deductible’. Experts can be consulted for knowing the legal points.