How to Drive in Heavy Rain

Having good car tires is no reason for driving fast in heavy rain. A high possibility of aqua planning, low visibility and encountering a flooded road is present. During heavy rains, it is dangerous to drive because the road is slippery and there are also reckless drivers who drive without turning on their fog lights. The rain may be so heavy that you might even experience a flooded road.

Here are some guidelines for driving in heavy rain:

When driving in heavy rain, don’t switch on the high beam lights because it will be reflected by water and make it harder for other drivers including you to see the road clearly. Besides that, don’t forget to turn on the wipers while driving.

Drive  Heavy Rain

Drive slower than usual in extreme weathers. Speeding can cause the car to spin and loose balance when the road is slippery. Maintain a safer distance from the other cars around so that one can easily hit the brakes in case of emergency. It is better to stay away from big vehicles like trucks, trailers and Lorries because their tires will splash water on your wind screen which can be a cause of accidents. Apart from that, you might not be able to see the road clearly ahead.

Stay from curbs and road sides because in case of heavy downpour, the road sides have possibility of getting flooded. Drive in the middle of the road and try following the tire tracks of the can in front. Avoid water puddles because there can be big holes under the water that can cause accidents. Don’t drive through flooded water unless you know how deep it is.

There is a good option available to stop over by pit stops or restaurants if you think that the weather situation is causing hurdles for you or you are not in a good state of driving. When you have stopped by, make sure that your car’s hazard lights are turned on so that the oncoming cars will be able to see and avoid you. Never turn on the hazard lights while driving even though you intention is to warn others about your presence. This can result in misjudgment of your position from other drivers. The lights have to be used wisely and should be turned on when needed.

You might think that you know how to drive in heavy rain but still a lot of extra precautions have to be taken to ensure that you arrive at your destination safe and sound. Make sure in normal days that your car’s windshield is cleaned often as it will help you in seeing better during rain. Apply a layer of windscreen cleaner after washing your car. These cleaners help in making the windscreen waterproof and ensure a crystal clear view. Make sure that the windshield wipers are working well and if they are not working, replace them with new ones. Drivers should take such precautionary measures to ensure a safer journey even if the situation asks for driving in heavy rains.