How to Choose a Green Car

Green cars do not mean that they are green in color. But the fact is that they are particular cars that are efficient in fuel and emit less harmful gases for the environment. Such examples are Camry Hybrid 4-Door Sedan, Honda Civic Hybrid, Toyota Hybrid Prius and others. In this modern age, everyone is continuously trying to make their quality much better by reducing the pollution level and reducing the cost on needless expenses. These cars are basically a combination of these two essential factors. It also helps to facilitate new generation who are quality conscious.

Green cars are available in a lot of sizes, shapes and types like hybrid, diesel, natural gas, gas, fuel cell, ethanol and bioethanol. To determine the better ca for the environment, your lifestyle, wallet and many factors have to be considered.

Hybrid Car

Choosing a green car

One reason for choosing a green car is to consider its fuel efficiency. So to get the good choice, an efficient car is needed that is generally available with low engine capacity measured in cubic centimeters or cc. Advance technology is utilized in this type of car and it is able to provide enough amount of torque at a considerable low rate of RPM. When a car engine is working efficiently, a long distance can be covered with less amount of fuel at a significant average speed.

Apart from that, when considering going green, many companies are focusing on hybrid cars that have a moderately low engine capacity but are expensive to build as compared to conventional cars. These cars have a specialty to consume less fuel and travel at better mileage at the same time. Less fuel consumption means producing lesser emissions. The good condition and proper maintenance, timing belts and eliminating excess weight of the car would also have to be ensured.

It is commonly known that Carbon Dioxide is the main source of car emission. So to get a green car that does not emit gases like carbon dioxide, an electric powered car known as Battery Electric Vehicle or BEV is a good option to consider. This car does not need any fuel for running but the vehicles would need charging before driving. A fully charged vehicle would run for 300 – 400 kms. Its advantages and disadvantages would really have to be considered before getting this green car.

Finally, to select a green car among the petrol ones, the one that comes with catalytic converter is a good option to consider. A catalytic converter is a device used in car for reducing poisonous gas emissions that are harmful for the environment. It is done by burning the excessive fuel before releasing it into the atmosphere.

The bottom line

This was basically how a green car can be selected but it has to be kept in mind that these cars are not cheap. They can be more expensive as compared to regular cars.

Green cars are definitely suitable for the demands of younger generation. It is fuel efficient, technologically friendly and helps to make the planet greener.

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