How to Check Windshield Washer Fluid Level

The dusty, snowy, rainy and smoky environment can make the car’s windshield dirty which can cause lack of visibility. Only a neat and clean wind shield will give the driver a clear view of the road. This means that the windshield washer fluid have to be checked and maintained.

Every car maintaining tasks require proper workings. The windshield washer fluid has to be refilled or replaced if the fluid level is below half indicator level. The fluid used for refilling the washer fluid tank can be either a mixture of domestic fluids like water and soap or commercial liquids.

It is not recommended to use powdered detergents the rubber wiper blades and the windshield can get damaged. Drivers commonly use anti-freeze in cold weather while the windshield is kept sparkling clean with alcohol. They should only be used in small amounts for preventing the wiper blades from hardening and the possibility of streaks. The windshield washer fluid will preserve the wipers and keep the windshield free from dust and dirt.

Check Windshield Washer

Here is the procedure to check the windshield washer fluid


  • Park the car on a leveled and flat ground and make sure the engine is not warm. Then open the bonnet.
  • A reservoir tank for the windshield washer fluid can be easily seen, it is usually located under the windshield. It is translucent and white. Markings can be found in the tank indicating the level of the fluid.
  • If the washer fluid in the reservoir tank is less than half marked on the indicator, then this means adding more washer fluid in the tank. However before adding the fluid, make sure that the reservoir tank does not have any cracks or leaks. In case of leaks and cracks, replace it with a new one.
  • The car manual shows the proper ingredients and combination for replacing the washer fluid. Correct liquid should be taken and then replace the reservoir’s cap. Now use a funnel to fill the tank up to the full mark. Because the funnel is used, there will be no spilling of liquid on the engine bay.
  • Now when the tank is filled, put back the cap. Turn on the car and the windshield washer nozzle has to be checked to figure out if the nozzle is pumping the correct amount of fluid.


  • It does not matter what formulation is used when filling the reservoir tank, the washer fluid should be filled to the full indicator level.
  • Good washer fluids will break the connection between the pollutants and the windshield glass.
  • Proper fluids will also dissolve the ice crystals formed on the windshields and will protect it from scratches.