How to Check Car’s Oil Level

It is essential to check the engine oil, it helps the car stay in maintained condition. The engine gets unwanted stress without proper level of oil, it can severely get damaged. Engine oil should be checked twice a month.

Things needed

  • 1 funnel
  • 1 bottle of engine oil
  • 1 cloth

Here are the steps to check your car’s engine oil:

Step 1:

Make sure that the vehicle is parked on a leveled surface. Pull the parking brake and put the gear stick in first gear. There should be no inflammable materials near the car.

Cars Oil Level

The car should not be parked on a slope surface. An accurate result will be only obtained if the check is carried out on a flat ground.

Step 2:

The check has to be carried out with a cold engine to get a correct result.

Step 3:

Open the bonnet, lift it and secure it with the prop rod.

Step 4:

The next step is to locate the dipstick, it is a long removable strip of metal with a handle coming out of the engine. It is marked with high and low marks for indicating the oil level. Many times it will be labeled with the word ‘Oil’ or brightly colored.

Step 5:

Pull out the dipstick completely from the engine block. It will easily come out, don’t twist or bend it.

Step 6:

Now, the oil has to be wiped off from the dipstick with a cloth, it will make the tip clean and the level indicator will be easily seen.

Step 7:

Locate the max and min marks on the dipstick. There can be slight variations on the display of level marks depending on the manufacturer. However the principle will always be the same. The lower mark refers to the minimum level of oil while the higher mark refers to the maximum level of oil.

Step 8:

Now again, insert the dipstick completely all the way down. It should be inserted without bending it.

Step 9:

Again pull out the dip stick for reading the oil level

Step 10:

Check the oil level by looking at the pointy end of the dipstick. It is ideally marked between the two lines. The oil level should be halfway between these two lines. If the oil level is low then the car needs topping up.

Step 11:

Find the oil filter cap which is on top of the engine marked with oil symbol. Remove the oil cap.

Cars Oil Level

Step 12:

Pour some oil carefully into the filler with the help of a funnel. Now check the oil level again by following the same steps. The ideal level is between the two marks.

Step 13:

Put back the oil cap and then firmly close the bonnet.

Step 14:

Finally, its done. Start the car and take a test drive.

Tips and Caution

  • The car manual will explain the suitable type of engine oil it needs.
  • 2 quarters of oil should always be kept in the car.
  • Don’t mix different brands of oil together. Some oils can react negatively because of chemical changes. It can reduce the life of the car.

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