How to Change Windshield Wiper Blades

It is a good idea to check the car’s windshield wipers after every six months to avoid any problems. Many people end up waiting very long just to do this simple car maintenance and have to change their wipers in the rain. In case the wiper start showing signs of wear and tear, it means that the time has come to replace them. They can be changed by wiper blades refills in a short period of time.

At first glance it seems pretty easy, replacing worn out windshield wiper blades can make you frustrated if you never did it before. Usually the package comes along with attachments and clips which can make one frustrated. However, once you master the working process of the attachments on the wipers, they can be easily replaced. The only tool required is a flat head screwdriver. Here is how it’s done.

Change Windshield Wipe


  • The task begins with buying new windshield wiper blades. It is usually a good idea to change the windshield wipers at the parts store. The old wipers can be taken off the car before going to the auto parts store in order to compare the wipers before buying one. The available choices for customers are between the fillers, the strips of rubber that fit into the wiper or the whole blade assemblies that include a supportive housing and a strip of rubber. Finding fillers may sometimes be difficult but fillers are and less wasteful and much cheaper. If you live in an area that gets snow and ice, then consider buying winter windshield wipers, they are also known as winter blades. These are more effective in removing ice and snow than normal all purpose rain wipers.
  • Auto stores usually see the car’s model and determine the best suitable windshield wiper blades for it. There are some cars that have one long blade and one short blade, this has to be kept in mind by the customer and getting the exact lengths is important. The car manual should be consulted for knowing the specifications of the wiper blade. Another option for people who do not want to ask the store staff can browse the internet and look for wipers by car model and make. Most blades come with adapters that fit mostly on any type of connector.
  • When the replacements have been made ready, the nest step is to walk towards the car and do the task of changing the blades. The task begins with lifting up the windshield wipers so they will be straight away clear of the windshield. In most of the cars, this can be done by pulling outwards and the wiper will be staying in its place until it is pushed back gently. The best way is to work on one wiper at a time. Those cars which have blades of different size, it must be remembered correct blades must be used for each side.
  • Replacing windshield wiper blades is very easy in case of fillers. The new filler can be inserted by simply pulling out the old rubber. Sometimes, the rubber is held in pace by tabs or snaps so it does not slide while the wiper is operating. These have to be opened for releasing the blade.
  • In case purchasing the windshield wiper blade assembly is necessary, then this would require the old blade assembly to be taken off. Every car is a bit different from each other, this can cause the blade assembly to slide off, unsnap or requiring a swift turn of a screwdriver for loosening the housing that holds it. In case the method of removal is not quickly clear, then this trick can be revealed by examining the new blade assembly, a hidden hook or tab is often clear on the part that not attached to the vehicle. After removing the old assembly, the new one can be finally slid, screwed or snapped in place.
  • Those people who feel frightened by wiper replacement, the working staff at the auto stores will do it free of charge if they are not busy and the car is parked in the parking area. The auto mechanics will also do this service by request as part of regular maintenance check provided when car are taken to them for oil change or any other type of similar checking.

Tips & Warnings

  • For preparing for the winter season, the windshield wiper blades should be replaced every fall.
  • Check your wipers before it rains.
  • In case of any trouble in accessing the windshield wiper blades, the problem can be solved by turning on the wipers and then switching off the ignition when the blades are in a vertical position on the car’s windshield.
  • It is better to place an old cloth or a T-shirt on the windshield to avoid any accidental scratches in case the windshield gets touched by the metal arms while performing the task.