How to Change Fog Lights

Fog lights help the driver to drive confidently in rain. It might not be bright as headlamp but the 3000k color it has makes it look more yellow and reduces the reflection from rain drops helping the driver to have a clear vision. Usually it is mounted on the lower half part of the front bumper that makes it vulnerable to damages from solid objects or stones chippings. This is the reason that there are a lot of aftermarket fog lights available in various shapes and sizes to choose. Here is a procedure to change a fog light.


First, select a pair of new fog light that is identical as the original. Because of the original mounting, there is no need for doing additional work on bumper modification and mounting.

Fog Lights

Then the car has to be jacked up and placing it on the jack stand. The parking brakes must be pulled so that car will not move or roll. Find the positive and negative wires that lead to the fog light. Cut both of the wires nearest as possible to the fog light. This will ensure that enough wires can be connected to the new light. Use a wire stripper to strip the end of the wires.

Basic hand tools like screwdriver, ratchet and spanner can be used to remove the fog light from the original place. Be careful not to scratch the bumper’s paint with the tools. When removed, clean the debris by using a wet cloth as debris may get stuck between the bumper and lights.

The new fog lights have to be positioned on the exact same location. Make sure that it is absolutely in place leaving no need for any modification. Now again, use the basic hand tools and firmly secure the lights in place. Be careful not to damage the thread on the screw, they should not be over tightened.

Use butt connectors for attaching the wires. A wire tap can be used for securing the left over wires in place

In the end, the engine can be now turned on and the fog lights can be switched on. If both of them are working properly then remove the jack lower the car to the ground. Now the light angle can be adjusted to shine at a height of two feet and a distance of twenty feet with the right light shining on the road’s shoulder.