How to Change a Tire

Every driver should possess the basic skill of changing tires. It will get you back on the move much quicker. Here is how one can change the tires.

Things Needed

  • Jack
  • Wheel nut wrench
  • Wheel lock key
  • Wheel chocks or bricks
  • Pry bar, tire iron or large screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet
  • Work gloves

Change Tire


  1. Park the car on a hard and level surface and pull the parking brake. The manual transmission cars should be placed in gear. Be sure that the car is off the road. Switch off the engine and the hazard lights are to be turned on. Open the bonnet as this will be an indication to other drivers that a vehicle has stopped for repairs.
  2. A wheel chock or a big rock should be placed behind the tire to prevent the car from rolling. It should be done even on slight incline. Take out the spare, car jack and the lug nut wrench.
  3. The hubcap should be removed if needed.
  4. The lug nuts which hold the wheel should be loosened before the car is jacked up. One end of the lug nut wrench should be placed over the lug nut. A hollow pipe having a length of about 2 feet should be used for leverage by slipping it over the end of the lug nut wrench. Now the wrench can be turned anti clockwise for loosening the lug nut. It should be loosened in a pattern of a star, loosen the first with few turns and then loosen the opposite one. Work crosswise on the tire until all the nuts are slightly unscrewed.
  5. Jack up the car carefully and consult the car manual for more guidance. They should be jacked up a little more higher than necessary so there is space to remove the old tire and put on the new one.
  6. The lug nuts have to be removed all the way and put them aside where they will not roll away. At this point the flat will be hanging from the struts.
  7. Now the flat tire can be removed and placed aside.
  8. The new tire is to be now lifted on to the wheel studs. If there is any confusion regarding putting it the right way, look for the valve from where the air is added because it always points out.
  9. Now the lug nuts should be replaced. They should be tightened in the same way in which they were loosened. Turn each nut for few times, work around the wheels in a pattern of a star. The adjacent nuts should not be tightened consecutively.

10. Now when the tire has been put on, lower the jack slowly and then remove it.

11. The lug nuts can be tightened again, make sure that they are tightened good.

12. Now the hubcap can be put back on.

As soon as possible, take the tire to the store or repair shop and have the lug nuts properly torque.

Tips and Warnings

  • A hydraulic jack that is like a type of a bottle will make the car jack up easier.
  • Never go under a vehicle that is supported by a jack. In case it is intended, use an approved jack stand for supporting the vehicle.
  • Be sure that you are aware where the wheel key lock is, it should be in the car. The places are the glove box and it can be attached to the jack handle.
  • More support and leverage if provided by a four arm lug wrench as compared to the lug wrench which is along with the vehicle.
  • The method to change tires can be practices few times to get familiarized so one will be prepared In case of emergency.

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