How to Change a Car Battery

Changing a car battery is not very difficult and many can do it by themselves. The only hard part of the task is lift out the battery from the car as it is heavy, even this is not very hard. Many batteries are equipped with a warranty of 60 months. Maintain the track record of the battery’s life and replace it before it gives any trouble.

Here are the simple steps to change a car battery:


  • Turn of the engine, open the hood and locate the battery. Remove the battery’s negative (black) cable. Use a combination wrench to loosen the nut. A battery wrench or battery pliers would be the best suitable tools.
  • Use your hand to twist and pull up on the cable’s end. In case it does not easily come off, then a battery terminal puller would be required which can be bought from a local auto dealer shop. This will help in preventing any possible damage to the cable or battery. A screwdriver should not be used as a pry-bar, this is not recommended as it can damage or break the battery terminal.

Car Battery

  • Now remove the battery’s positive (red) cable by using the same method.
  • Remove the battery hold-down clamp by using a socket, ratchet or a combination wrench.
  • Take out the battery from the battery tray. Firmly grab them by using both hands because batteries are usually heavy. If handles are present on the battery, then use them.
  • For cleaning any corrosion from the battery tray and the hold-down clamp, it is good to use baking soda mixed with water and cleaning with a wire brush.
  • Use the wire brush to clean the battery cable connectors. For removing the stiff corrosions from the connectors, battery cleaning solutions should be used; they are available at any auto dealer store.
  • Now the new battery can be placed in the battery tray and it can be secured with the hold-down clamp. Use the anti-corrosion solution and spray on both the terminal ends. The positive battery cable can now be attached and tightened and then the negative one. Once done, check again if they are all tightly attached. If they can be moved then the car might not start.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure that the wires are connected to the right battery terminal or else it can damage the vehicle.

Battery acid is extremely corrosive. Normal Vaseline can be used on the battery for preventing corrosion instead of lithium grease. Vaseline is suitable and keeps free from corrosion and dirt, it means better conduction.

It is recommended that batteries should always be bought from a reputable outlet that offers a guarantee of normally 1 – 2 years. It means that if the battery gives problem with in that time, it can be replaced for free.

The old battery should not be dumped in the trash. It should be taken to the facility that recycles hazardous materials. The used batteries can also be returned to the auto stores from where it was bought.