How to Build a Rat Rod

A rat rod is a revival of the previous ways in which hot rods were made. The term hot rod is generally referred to car from a specific time designed for racing and speed and nothing much. A rat rod is pretty much the same idea. Once you build a rat rod, it is guaranteed that you will own a unique vehicle. Here are the steps to build a Rat Rod.


  • Select your engine; this depends a lot on the type of frame which is to be considered and the needed amount of weight to power the engine. In case of availability of a good budget, one can do online shopping and choose the one based on good performance. However in case of a limited budget, the suitable option is to pick one of great price from a local junk yard.

Rat Rod

  • Once the engine is selected, start building a frame. Because this is a rat rod, anything desired can be used for making the frame. The only point is that it should be strong enough not to break apart by the impact of speed that is hoped to be achieved. The current trends for racing machines are the light weighted metals and composites. However, the cost will be of a great consideration.
  • The engine has to be mounted in the frame and basic power components have to be installed. These include battery, axles, wheels and transmission. In case you have used a junkyard car for starting a rat rod, parts that fit easily together for basic structure can be found with ease. Regarding the electrical systems, the devices like lights are to be considered later more than any other thing. A true rat rod is not necessarily a street legal.
  • The guts and heart of the car have to be tested, this will make sure that the engine will starts, run and turn. When this gets accomplished, the rest will be easy.
  • Now the steering mechanism, brake pedals and gas have to be installed. It is up to you to decide the placement. However it must be assured that there is enough space for the seating no matter how basic it is meant for reaching all essential controls.
  • Finally, the interior and body can be finished. As the interior is concerned, it can be made elaborate or simple as desired. Anything added for comfort adds to the total weight of the rat rod. Regarding the body panels, their purpose is to increase the car’s aerodynamics reducing drag, or like a spoiler enhancing the tire grip. Any body panels that will be added will add weight, on the other hand, painting the flames will not increase the total speed of the vehicle.

Cautions and Tips

Driving at fast speeds without taking proper safety measures like an appropriate roll cage is extremely dangerous. So it is recommended to wear safety equipment to avoid risks of injury .