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How to Tow a Trailer

Tow Trailer

If you had ever got a chance of planning a boating or camping trip, then it is likely that you would have to be involved in an activity of towing a trailer. This activity may seem like an extraordinary task

How to Tune a Car

Tune Car

A car should be tuned up after every 30000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. A car receives some new parts during this tune-up that will hopefully keep it out of the shop for a while. It is best

How to Wash a Vehicle

Wash Vehicle

Washing a car is a part of keeping it maintained. One can wash a car by taking it to an automatic car wash or can be cleaned by hand. Hand-washing is more effective for removing dirt besides saving money. Here

How to Wash Gasoline Smell off Your Hands

Wash Gasoline Smell

Anyone who has worked on automobiles or ever pumped their own gasoline will understand that the smell of gas is hard to remove from one’s hands. The reason is the flammability of the gasoline fumes and precautions should be taken

How to Wax a Car

Wax Car

It can take a little more time and effort than usual for waxing a car, but making this hard effort of learning to wax a car pays off when you car is seen well protected from atmospheric pollution and usual

How to Apply a Temporary Repair for Upper Radiator Hose

For understanding what a car radiator actually does, it may be useful to understand the method of the combustion engine protected by it. A car engine consists of several moving components and there is friction where there is movement. Friction

How to Park on a Hill

It can be a difficult task to park on an incline if one is not used to precision driving. Whether one drives a manual transmission or an automatic transmission vehicle, it will give a difficult time to play with the

How to Repair a Broken Taillight Lens

Nowadays, new taillight assemblies are a little expensive just like the body shop does to remove and install the new ones. This easy task can be done by anyone to save some money. The minor annoyance of a broken taillight

How to Restore a Vehicle’s Faded Paint

Vehicles with original factory paint are thinly coated because it is economical. However this is the cause that the paint fades after a few years of being exposed to atmospheric and other elements. Paint on vehicles left out in the

How to Sand a Car

Painting a vehicle involves a lot of prep work and one of the most essential tasks is sanding. It prevents the vehicle from having uneven and rough paint. However this is a challenging task. An automobile repair shop can do