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How to Fix an Automatic Transmission that is Slipping

Automatic Transmission

Slipping is a technical term widely used in automobile industry. This term is applied to the transmission that does not shift gears on time. This phenomenon is expressed as lag in Upshifting(delaying in change gear). This article aptly describes the

How to Handle Wind Noise and Water Leaks from Around a Vehicle’s Door

Water Leak

The issues of wind noise and water leak mostly occur if the insulation (weatherstripping) rends, gets separated from its conduit, or wears out. It is not a difficult task to check whether the noise coming from any one of the

How to Fix Ignition if your Vehicle Halts in Wet Weather

Fix Ignition Vehicle

This article is specially written to help you if the engine of your vehicle halts in we weather. This is often due to the high atmospheric humidity even when the rain or snow is not falling. One set of factors

How to Change Cooling-Fan Switch in Your Vehicle

Cooling  Fan Switch Vehicle

The vehicles that are outfitted with cooling fans have switches that sense the temperature of the antifreeze (coolant) and turn on the fan according to the predetermined temperature level. In other case the antifreeze will boil and overheat the engine.

How to Replace Worn Spark Plugs in an Automobile

Worn Spark Plugs

The spark plugs may not need any replacement but as a part of servicing the car, it is useful to know how to remove and inspect them. Checking and changing the spark plugs is an easy and quick task. Cleaning

How to Replace Defective Hoses and Weakened Coolant in an Automobile

Coolant in Automobile

The procedure helps to show how the coolant hoses are checked, removed and replaced. The coolant hose should never be assessed when the engine is hot. Safety precautions Protective clothing and equipment must be used whenever a task is performed

How to Replace a Car’s EGR Valve

Car’s EGR Valve

A foremost concern for the automobile industry since a prolonged time is the emission control. Today, automobile technology has made many innovations that have helped in reducing emission and air pollution. EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve technology is one

How to Repair a Vehicle’s EVAP System

Vehicle’s EVAP

This system is specially designed to prevent the discharge of gasoline vapors into the atmosphere. EVAP systems are different but they all have one similar component which is the Charcoal Canister. The function of this component is to store gasoline

How to Remove Deep Scratches from Your Car

Remove Deep Scratches

Scratches definitely spoil the look of your car and they are an unfortunate predictability of owning an automobile. Most of the scratches only penetrate the clear coat but in the case of deep scratches, they not only penetrate the clear

How to Touch Up Car Paint

Touch Car Paint

Specially formulated automotive repair paint is available from stores that serve those people who want their car to look great. A little scratch can spoil the beauty of the paint job. Knowing how to fix this problem is really a