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Fuel System Repairs

Where would your car be without a fuel system? Stranded! And so would you. Before you find yourself in this situation, you might want to learn how repairs are done to an automotive fuel system. If not, at least read

Starting and Ignition System Repairs

The starting and ignition systems are vital to your car. They both require electricity to operate. The ignition system is your car’s heartbeat. The starting system, then, must be the first cup of coffee in the morning. And we all


No, troubleshooting doesn’t mean shooting your car if it gives you trouble! Troubleshooting means finding and fixing the source of car trouble. You don’t necessarily have to fix the problem yourself-you can hire someone to do it-but you do need

Car Body and Interior Maintenance

When you bought your new car, you probably thought it was beautiful. Time and use might have since scribbled on your car, moving it more to the category of a utility vehicle. The paint may be chipped and faded. The

Car Biannual Replacements

Cars are getting smarter and smarter. Mine can now beat me at chess. Just a couple of decades ago, cars required more frequent servicing to keep them in good running condition. Ignition systems were tuned up every six months to

Car Yearly Replacements

Back in the, “CAR Weekly Check Up” article, you learned to check your car’s fluids on a weekly basis. Well, S2 of those weekly checks have come and gone, and it’s time to replace some of those fluids. And some

Car Semiannual Adjustments

Many car owners check and replace fluids, but draw the line at making adjustments to their cars. Others see adjustments as another area where they can save some money and, just maybe, increase their pride of ownership. This article describes

Car Quarterly Check Up

By making the basic checks offered in the, “CAR Weekly Check Up” article of this site, you’ve moved ahead of most car owners and can now sit near the front of the classroom. I’m proud of you-as long as you

Car Weekly Check Up

Pride of ownership really begins here.People who consider themselves car klutzes have miraculously been transformed into auto aficionados by the simple process of weekly car care. It’s a wonder what a little engine oil on the fingertips can do to

Finding A Good Mechanic

Trouble-free car care doesn’t mean that you have to do it all yourself. It means doing as much as you feel comfortable with and finding a trustworthy mechanic (or mechanics) to do the rest. Understanding how your car runs and