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Car Decals as a Teaching Tool


There is a lot of talk these days about connected cars and car to car communication. They are basically a way to get the cars to talk to each other and adjust their behavior accordingly. But you know what would

Put Your Brakes On!


No, seriously.  Put those brakes on, see how they feel under your foot. Better yet, find an empty parking lot or something and do a few braking tests. Measure if you can the distance it takes your car to stop

How to Check the Health of Your Tyres


Considering how big a role tyres play not just in the way a car feels to drive, but also in its safety, they are too often overlooked when it comes to servicing. Whether it’s because it’s kind of hard to

Body and Paint Repairs

Ownership, or just want to boost your car’s morale, you can make body and paint repairs. A window has a crack in it or is leaking. A door doesn’t close tightly. The garage attacked your car’s fender. A rock-or a

Exhaust System Repairs

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke. The controlled explosions within your car’s engine also produce “smoke,” or emissions. Your car’s exhaust system is supposed to remove these emissions from the engine and clean them up as much as possible before dumping

Electrical System Repairs

Your car both produces and consumes power. Part of the engine’s power is used to produce electrical power, which then is consumed by the computers, spark plugs, lights, radio, and other paraphernalia. The battery is the power storage room (yes,

Brake System Repairs

Brakes are an obviously important part of your car. Although many car owners leave brake work to a specialist, it doesn’t have to be so. Brake parts are commodities, easily found at larger auto parts stores. The steps to repairing

Steering and Suspension System Repairs

Your car’s steering system enables the car to tum; its suspension system smoothes out the ride. It’s that simple-and that important. Things can go wrong, however, making the ride rough or steering difficult or dangerous. In either of those cases,

Transmission Repairs

A transmission uses gears to transmit the engine’s power to the wheels. A manual transmission lets the driver select the gears, and an automatic transmission selects gears based on the car’s speed and weight. So what can you do if

Cooling and Lubrication System Repairs

Most modern cars have a pressurized engine-cooling system that uses a thermostat to control the flow of coolant throughout the engine. The thermostat stops coolant from flowing until the engine is warm and then regulates the coolant temperature.Why is the