Car Decals as a Teaching Tool

There is a lot of talk these days about connected cars and car to car communication. They are basically a way to get the cars to talk to each other and adjust their behavior accordingly. But you know what would be neat? A driver to driver communication system!

We have all dreamed about having such a thing, have we not? Sometimes it is a positive thing that we desire having a way of communicating with the driver in another car, like when the other driver is a hot girl and we would like to spark a conversation with her. But most of the times, to be honest, we would like such a system so that we can yell at the other guy, teach him the rules of the road, the basics of driving. But absent such technology, we are going to have to rely on the good old custom car decals for the same purpose.


All the traditional uses of car decals, which include advertisement, self-promotion, or just a mere homage to something we like, are well and good. But we reckon these things have greater potential and can be used for higher purposes, such as teaching people. Recall what we said about wanting to communicate the rules of road civility to other drivers on the road? Well, why not broadcast those messages by putting them on custom stickers? Granted, it’s an extreme and indiscriminate way of going about the whole thing. But if you live somewhere people have bad driving habits, it could actually do a lot of good.

But as with using custom decals for fun purposes, here too you need to be very creative to attract attention to your teaching stickers and make the message heard. Humor is always a good call, but sometimes a bit of harshness could also work just as well. The stickers go something like “You don’t have to go over the speed limit if you get a TiVo” if you think they would get it, or you could be like “Drive between the lines, idiot!” if you are not in the mood for witticism. And most of the time, it has to be said, the latter would be more appropriate seeing as people who have bad road manners are not very bright, either.

It is not just for road safety that one can use teaching decals on one’s car. You could use them to educate people the environment, or raise awareness about a local issue, or just promote a general truth, like “Aliens are real and they’re living among us!” Actually this sentence brings to an important point, which is fact checking. Before ordering your custom educational decals make sure the facts you are putting on them are hundred percent true. The fact that wrong information can mislead people, they could also make you look like an idiot, which kind of defeats the whole purpose.